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"Swedish Stockings changed the way I purchase hosiery for the better, not only for my wallet but also for the planet. Prior to trying a pair of Swedish Stockings it was easy to justify buying dozens of pairs of stockings because the cost was so low that ripping them cost no more than a cocktail during happy hour. Do yourself a favour and say “ja tack” (yes please) to this eco-friendly brand from Sweden."
- Vicki Duong, Style By Fire

Your products are just a dream!
"Seriously. I've used pantyhose my whole life and I wear dresses all year around. I've tried several different brands. The 26th of March I bought Olivia in navy and I have used them ever since! They are very durable and I wash them over and over and the quality does not get effected.
I now have three small holes (due to the gravel in my shoes) the amazing thing is that they still don't stitch! This is absolutely the best pantyhose I've ever tried!
My only wishes are that the 20DEN model would be made in even more colors :)"
-  Linnea Kvick

"I bought the Olivia because I was looking for a pair of go-to black tights. In my experience, stockings have been difficult. They are either uncomfortable, cheaply made, or both and very rarely stand up to the rest of multiple washes and wears. I was stuck in the cycle of consumption and waste. These tights changed all of that. They the most comfortable and well made tights I have ever owned! They have the perfect rise, they don't roll down or sag at the top as I wear them, they are breathable, and I haven't ripped them by simply putting them on yet (like I have with so many others). They are absolutely worth the investment, and when I finally am ready to retire them, I will definitely buy another pair (and recycle these!)."
- Jen Pirrone

"The Nina Fishbone tights are the best of both worlds-the coverage of a solid tight paired with the fun of a patterned tight. They are durable, and fit very well (unlike most one-time-wear patterned tights I've purchased in the past), and the fact that the company uses recycled materials to make them makes me feel really good about buying them."
- Jen Pirrone