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Our mission is to change and influence the enitire hosiery industry. Pantyhose is a petroleum product and one of our biggest consumables. The industry is huge and the production itself uses non-renewable fossil fuels and require a huge amount of energy and water to produce. This extremely large process is very harmful to the environment and most pantyhose are designed to be worn once and then replaced, and so contributing to textile pollution - the third most polluting industry in the world (after oil and agriculture).
Swedish Stockings is created from the by-product of other nylon products that is non-biodegradable. The production process is a lot less complicated than traditional nylon production and we are consistently looking for cleaner ways to produce - conserving or reusing water, decreasing emissions, reducing and recycling waste. From this highly efficient recycling procedure we have reduced energy and water consumption by:
- 87.6% less energy
- A savings of water 18.M3/ton yarn
We want to break the current production of pantyhose - to produce beautiful and long lasting stockings with sustainability as important as profit. Swedish Stockings is modern and sophisticated.
- A large part of our production is solar powered
- No extra water is used to create our stockings
- Our factories are zero waste
- All water used in dyeing is purified and treated