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Buy Stockings online. Swedish Stockings was founded in 2013 by Nadja Forsberg and Linn Frisinger. The two young (25 years old at the time)  founders saw that there where no eco friendly stockings in the market and decided to launch the company in october 2013. 
In 2014 the first website launched in Sweden and sales started offline in cooperation with retailers all over the country. 
Now Swedish Stockings is an international brand with sales all over the world from Canada and the USA in north america to every european countries, a constantly growing number of asian countries, Australia and New Zealand. All the hosiery from Swedish Stockings are made by recycled nylon in an 100% ecofriendly production facility in northern Italy. 

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Swedish stockings eco friendly approach is a big part of the company. The founders realized that the production of stockings all over the world is extremly bad for the environment and therefore Swedish Stockings where from the start produced, in every way, with focus to be eco friendly. All stockings are made from recycled material and the factory in northern Italy that produce the products are 100% environmentally friendly. 

Designed in Sweden - made in Italy - the first environmentally made stockings for the world.