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  • How to reuse old tights

    How to reuse old tights

    No matter how good the quality of your hosiery, they can eventually break, it happens to the best of us! However, that is not a reason to throw them in the bin!...

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  • 5 ways to create a sustainable...

    Fashion magazines and advertising can often leave us with a desire for more clothes but a quick fashion fix often just leaves us with an empty feeling. Being good to...

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    5 ways to create a sustainable wardrobe
  • Common questions we get asked!

    Common questions we get asked

    Sustainable fashion has gained more and more popularity over the last decade. As the only sustainable hosiery brand in the world, we often get these questions from industry and press,...

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  • As the world changes, so do...

    As the world changes, so do we. These past few months have been a serious time of reflection for us, as individuals, but also for our brand. Since we've started,...

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    Linn Frisinger CEO and Founder Swedish Stockings