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  • Swedish Stockings <3 Läkarmissionen

    Swedish Stockings <3 Läkarmissionen

    Every other minute a woman dies from preventable causes related to childbirth and pregnancy, that means 840 women per day and 300’000 women per year. The vast majority of these...

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  • La belle vie

    Shelim studies at Beaux Art Paris, Leonie works at the Art Direction department at Balenciaga. Lucile is studying to become an actor and almost every weekend she invites friends over to...

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    La belle vie
  • Swedish Stockings Advisory board

    Swedish Stockings Advisory board

    Since the start, Swedish Stockings mission has been to change and influence the entire industry towards sustainable production. We’ve always prioritised and believed our fight to be for the planet....

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  • Swedish Stockings Women – Meet Sapir...

    NAME Sapir Goldman LOCATION Tel Aviv, IsraelOCCUPATION Art Director  – Who is your style inspiration? Audrey Hepburn.  Where do you get your inspiration from? People around me, architecture, art, and just from ideas that pop into my...

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  • Behind the scenes - Our first soft wear collection, legging, tights, softwear, top, seamless, swedish stockings

    Behind the scenes - Our first...

    Have you ever wondered how it looks behind the scenes of a fashion shoot? Wonder no more! We invite you to come along and have a look at the campaign...

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