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We take responsibility and act from a sustainable perspective

Written by Linn Frisinger


Posted on December 31 2020

2020 is coming to an end and what a year it has been. 2020 has been a year filled with reflection. The choices we make as a company reflect our values, and this year, it has become more evident than ever that we are on the right track.

Earlier this year we announced our ambitions of how to commit further to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is what we have accomplished since then:

DIVERSITY We have achieved increased diversity in our brand imagery and as an employer, through multiple nationalities, gender and age. Working with diversity is ongoing work for us which we plan to increase further during 2021.

AFFORDABILITY We are offering with discounts for students to become more affordable, as well as offering sets of products which can keep down costs for our customers.

CAUSE MARKETING We have established a repeat collaboration with The Kvinna to Kvinna Foundation, with donations and educations as well as sock donations to those in need via Stockholm Stadsmission.

EDUCATE We actively continue to learn through innovations and new knowledge. We spread our awareness and educate ourselves and our surrounding through our social platform.

RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION To close the loop, we accept old tights (from any brand) in our recycling program and turn the old tights into tables.

Since the start, Swedish Stockings mission has been to change and influence the entire industry towards sustainable production. During this past year we have expanded on this and decided to shift from Sustainability – to Responsibility. This due to the fact that responsibility incapsulates beyond just acting from a sustainable perspective. That said, sustainability will still remain at the core, however with the added responsibility we take for our actions, providing transparency throughout the production chain all the way to the end consumer.

We constantly strive for finding new ways and innovative materials on our quest for the circular hosiery. All with the same objective – less impact on our planet. For our environment, for you, for us, for the future.

Hope to have you with us on our continued journey, starting now. Happy new year!

Linn, founder and CEO of Swedish Stockings.



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